Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

It is nice to have Easter pictures from last year to see the incredible growth in Paul in just one year! He is so excited about eggs this year. We took him to one of his music classes and they had prepared a little Easter egg hunt which he thoroughly enjoyed. We haven’t done much this year, just feeling very tired and don’t have the energy for baskets or egg dying or egg hunts of our own. Luckily he is still young enough to most likely not remember and we will have many years to come to start some traditions. For now we have some wonderful pictures of him with a bunny and fun memories of little things we have been able to do together.

Easter 2013:


Easter 2014:


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Cheryl Williams said...

The profile shots of him looking at the bunny reveal that he still has some of his award-winning baby cheeks left. He looks so grown-up compared to a year ago. Such a big, handsome boy!